Be Happier in the New Year

Is this going to be your year? As we leave another year behind and turn to a fresh new year, many of us make resolutions with the best of intentions. All too often, within a month or two, those resolutions have been broken. I had a friend who said she resolved not to make any resolutions. This way, she wouldn’t break any of them!

One thing we can all really try to do is have a positive outlook. Some experts think that happiness is a choice and is not something that is really influenced by external forces. If we decide to have appositive outlook and be happy, we can then live a happier life. So, rather than make resolutions to do specific things, why not try to resolve to be happier? Here are some ways to be more positive.

Say “Thank You”

Gratitude can help you look at the positive things and the people in your life who you are thankful for. Write a heartfelt thank you note to someone you appreciate. It will make both of you feel good.

Look for the good

In many situations, there is some good to be found. Try to look on the brighter side. As long as our troubles are not life and death, they can more than likely be overcome and will someday be just a memory. I had a coworker once who helped me see this. There was a lot of stress, deadlines, and frustrations with our job, so it was not a good situation. When things would get bad, she would say “Well, it’s not blood or air.” This helped us both relax and put things in perspective. The good in the situation was we could share our frustrations and we had each other to turn to for support and understanding.

Don’t count on someone else to make you happy

We are all responsible for our own happiness, so take ownership of it! That is not to say that we can’t find happiness from being with other people. Being with others and enjoying their company is good for us and one of the pleasures in life for many. But, we should not count on others to make us happy because that has to come from within ourselves. If you aren’t happy within yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to be able to make you happy.

Put on some music to dance and sing

Singing and dancing can be a mood booster! Put on some of your favorite music and sing and dance loud.

Breathe in the fresh air

Get outside! Some experts say that just being outside can help with your mood and help your outlook on life.


Got kids? Play with them! If you don’t have kids of your own, spend some time with relatives or friend’s children. Kids often have a great attitude and their positive attitudes can be infectious.
Got pets? Play with them! Pets can help boost happiness and reduce stress.

Smile and laugh

We’ve all heard the sayings that “smiles are contagious” and “laughter is the best medicine”. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile – just do it – even if it makes you feel silly (that’s kind of the point). Watch a funny movie or share a joke. Do whatever it is that you know will make you smile and laugh. Sometimes this takes effort, especially when you don’t feel like doing anything.

Feeling down?

I don’t just mean the occasional blues. If you are feeling like you just can’t be happy, you could be depressed. If that is the case, please talk to someone or seek professional help. You owe it to yourself, to those you love, and to those who love you.

All the best for a really happy new year!

What do you think?