Bullies Need Help Too

Often the focus of anti-bullying campaigns is the victims of bullying (and that’s a good thing!). But did you know that the bullies need help too?

Some people are just nasty and exhibit bullying behaviours (or worse). They like the feeling of power and of being ‘above’ someone else. They take joy in taunting others. Some see nothing wrong with their behaviours and think they deserve to be ‘on top’.

Others have become bullies as a result of their experiences in society. Perhaps they were bullied themselves, or maybe they found themselves marginalised for any number of reasons. These people need help and understanding. These people could benefit from help now, or would have benefited from help in their past.

Does society fail some people time and time again? Yes, it happens. Is it an excuse for their bullying or violent behaviours? No. But it can give us some insights and understanding. It can give us knowledge to help in the future.

Societal changes need to occur — more help for troubled kids early on (starting in Kindergarten if need be!) and supports in place for youth and adults who need it. Mental health programs. Anti-poverty initiatives. We are all part of a larger community – we all benefit, even if we are not a direct recipient of any of these programs. We need to stop thinking of social programs as a drain on our societies, and realise that they can save our societies.

It isn’t an easy fix and will take time. Get involved. Talk to your friends and neighbours. Talk to your politicians. Be the change you want to see!

Tips for Helping Bullies

For more on bullying, please visit www.nobullies.ca

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