Choosing the Sex of your Baby

Most people at one time or another wished for it. I’ll even bet you secretly wish you had this power either now or in the past. What power is that? The power to choose the sex of your kids.

You can be certain most men wish to conceive at least one boy. And if you don’t conceive the child of the sex you desire… lots of problems can and usually do develop between couples.

Look around. It’s sad but true. Couples end up producing more and more kids until they finally do have the child of their preferred sex. You see this a lot in the third world.

In the USA, each extra child a couple conceives will cost them a minimum of $50,000. A lot of times upwards of $170,000 over the child’s first 18 years of life.

There’s a better way. A more efficient and cheaper way to have the child of your dreams.

Western research has poured over $1 billion into research of this kind. But the odd thing is, Taoists thousands of years ago learned some simple techniques to help increase the odds of conceiving the baby of your choosing.

One of their methods is called the Chinese Calendar Method. Basically, if the couple has sex on a certain day and the mother is a certain age, they can predict with about 66.5% accuracy what sex your child will be.

This method all but disappeared because of an ambitious Chinese Warlord King named Cao Cao (pronounced cow cow). He basically stole it from the Taoists and kept it for himself and his closest relatives so they could conceive as many male heirs as possible.

It was not until the Chinese Communists took over China after World War II that a fleeing Chinese Nationalist diplomat passed this information on to a few Western reporters he had befriended.

Back to more modern times.

Modern research has been able to add to that and increase the accuracy up to 98% with more powerful and less esoteric techniques and methods. Let’s put that into simpler terms. If you want a baby boy and follow the techniques and methods, you will have a baby boy 98 times out of 100. Better than the old 50-50 odds, huh?

So you are thinking… fascinating. Give me a method. Thought you’d never ask.

One of the modern methods is based on timing a woman’s ovulation cycle. Now this method alone won’t guarantee you a 98% chance of having the baby gender of your choice, but it drastically increases the odds.

The ovulation cycle method is simply this. The woman needs to pinpoint her ovulation day. From there, depending on what gender baby you want, you will have sex 5 days before ovulation up until ovulation.

Now here is the key. If you want a baby girl, you should have sex 4-5 days before ovulation and then stop having sex. The reason is because the female X-Sperm is more resilient and can survive inside the woman’s tract for that long.

The male Y-Sperm can’t survive that long. So they will die off and nothing but female X-Sperm will be left to fertilize the egg for when the woman ovulates.

So in conclusion, if you plan on having children within the next few years and desire a certain gender, give this method a try. Just remember, this is only one method of many.

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