Got Kids? Holiday Decor with Safety in Mind

Do you wonder how you’re going to safely decorate for the upcoming holidays with preschoolers in your home? Here are some kid-friendly ideas to help you create a festive home during this special season.

– Put away the glass baubles and expensive Nativity sets. There will be time to enjoy those again later, when your precious little ones are older. For now, focus on materials that are child-tough; wood and fabric are good choices. There are some beautiful wooden Nativities available. Or fill a wicker basket with holiday-colored wooden balls.

– Stuffed fabric shapes can also fit beautifully into a holiday decor yet stand up to busy little hands. Think stars, balls, candy canes, and bells. Add bits of ribbon for interest, sewing on securely. An artificial tabletop tree with only fabric balls can be a great distraction (with supervision) from other more fragile decor.

– You can still indulge in those lovely swags, wreaths and stained glass beauties. Just think ‘up’ and put  those more fragile items high above your children’s reach.

– Dress up existing baskets with holiday liners and bows.

– Create a holiday zoo. Use stuffed animals, clothed in festive finery and holiday bows or hats. A wooden train will complete the look. Check all items for small pieces that might come off and cause choking.

– Set up a lovely holiday ‘tea party’ on a coffee or end table. Use an ornate plastic tea set that you won’t mind picking up again and again!

– A darling collection of holiday-dressed bears perched on colorful miniature chairs makes a happy barrier to packages beneath the tree. It’s not foolproof, of course, but the bears may slow curious toddlers and give you more time to reach those little hands before they can reach the packages!

Holiday decorating with little ones in the house doesn’t have to mean forgoing a festive home OR saying ‘no, don’t touch’ all the time. With some simple adjustments your home can be a joyful and lovely place to teach your small children the extraordinary meaning of this enduring season.

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