Help! My Seven Year Old Won’t Eat!

I can still remember when my son, now 7 years old, was about 1 1/2 years old. Every night at dinner time, he would not eat nothing unless it was either yogurt, cottage cheese, or any other milk product snack. He would even fall asleep in the high chair if you let him.

Years had went by and his appetite got better. He would at least try everything even if he didn’t want it.

Just after he turned 7 yrs. old, he had somehow drawn himself back into that same routine of not eating dinner. It was worrysome! I knew he was hungry, but no matter what was served, he didn’t want it. Was there something wrong? I just didn’t understand it. Being a growing boy he should’ve be eating more, you would think.

It had been only one month since his birthday and my son was still insistant on not eating dinner. We tried having dinner earlier and even later than usuall. No luck. Finally, just last night, he says “Mom, my stomach tells me I am not hungry. I feel full”. Then it hit me! He must think that the feeling of hunger is the feeling of being full. So we had a long talk about it together. It took some persuading, but my son ate his dinner last night plus a snack later on. It was just one night, but I believe it is the beginning of a healthy hungry appetite for every night to come.

Being a parent of children just learning everything about life, can often be confusing and strange on both sides. I have 4 kids all together and could tell you a lifetime full of stories. Each day is a new stepping stone for every individual in our family. Our stepping stones bring us more knowledge, better understanding, and closer united as a family, every day.


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