Ice, Underwear, and Alcohol – The Do’s and Don’ts to Choosing Whether You Have a Baby Boy or Girl

Admit it. You like the idea of being in control of choosing whether you have a baby boy or girl. But you probably didn’t think it was possible. Well it is. And I’m going to share with you today a few thoughts on how to increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy.

Ice Ice Baby
You say ice. Huh? Surprisingly, ice does play a small factor in whether you conceive a baby boy or girl. Sperm is created in the testicles. The testicles need to be a few degrees colder than the rest of the body to produce high quality potent sperm that is mobile. Notice how the testicles hang away from the rest of the body- that’s so they can stay cooler.

So what does ice have to do with this? Well, if you use ice on your testicles you can help increase your sperm count. And by increasing your sperm count you increase your chances of having a baby boy. Why is that?

The Y-Sperm (boy sperm) is faster than the X-Sperm (girl sperm). So if you can safely increase your sperm count, you give a huge advantage to the boy Y-Sperm. With the extra “troops” they can rush in there and punch through the egg and fertilize it before the girl X-Sperm even arrive on the scene.

So how do you use ice to bring an advantage to having a baby boy? Simply grab an ice cube and rub it on your testicles twice a day for about a minute. This should sufficiently “wake up” your boys and increase your sperm count- thus favoring conception of a baby boy. Do this for a few weeks leading up to the planned conception.

Want to instantly hurt your chances of conceiving a baby boy? Wear tight briefs. They smother your testicles and raise their temperature. Not good! This hurts the process of producing sperm. Not only do tight briefs hurt your chances of having a baby boy, they don’t help you in having a baby girl.

Why is that? It’s because having a lower sperm count doesn’t favor having either gender; it just hurts your ability to have a child. Less sperm equals less chance for pregnancy. Simple. And wearing tight briefs not only hurt your sperm count, they can and do decrease the quality of your sperm.

You’ll end up having a lot of sperm that swim in circles, swim the wrong way, and/or have 2 tails. These sperm are useless.

The better way to go. Wear boxers. Boxers allow your testicles to “breathe”. They allow them to stay away from the body and keep cooler. So be “cool”, wear boxers.

BEWARE! You obviously know alcohol isn’t good for having children. Right?! But I want to give you one good reason to stay away from it before and during a pregnancy- for both men and women.

Alcohol has been proven to FEMINIZE a baby boy. Scary! Before pregnancy, alcohol has been shown to alter a man’s sperm. It makes the sperm more androgynous- having female and male characteristics in one.

During pregnancy, a woman who consumes alcohol will alter the fetus in the same androgynous way. Now it’s not guaranteed you’ll have a girly boy, but you significantly increase the odds. You’ve been warned. Choose wisely.

So there you have it. Those are just a few small ways to increase the odds of having a baby boy and navigate around having a feminine boy. Good luck.


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