Breast Feeding


Secrets to Working and Pumping

When I had my first son I hadn't planned to go back to work. I suddenly had to return to ...
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How Long Should You Breastfeed?

Unfortunately, how long a mother should nurse her baby does not have an easy answer. Advice given by people, whether ...
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Breastfeeding in Public

In many parts of the world, the sight of a nursing mother is an ordinary aspect of daily life. In ...
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Adopting a Baby? You May Be Able to Breastfeed!

Induced Lactation - Adoptive Breastfeeding I have the wonderful privilege of breastfeeding (induced lactation) my adopted daughter Haley. We began ...
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Breastfeeding – Handling Criticism

Feelings about how to parent seem to shift with every generation. A new way of parenting, sometimes called attachment parenting, ...
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Breastfeeding Isn’t Easy

Breastfeeding is Hard Before becoming a mother, I had very little interaction with breastfeeding women. Like many of my generation, ...
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Are You a Lactivist?

Take our Lactivist Quiz! 1. Why do women breastfeed? a. Because they enjoy getting horrified stares in public. b. Because ...
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Nursing in Style

Many women are uncomfortable nursing in public. But today's nursing fashions can help you nurse with confidence, comfort, and style ...
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Breastfeeding Myths

1. Many women do not produce enough milk. Not true! The vast majority of women produce more than enough milk ...
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