Pregnancy Week 13

Your baby is now at 10 weeks gestation and is almost 2 1/2 inches long. If your baby is a girl, the Clitoris and labia major are formed. If it’s a boy, the glands, penis and scrotum are formed. Your baby is forming urine discharging it into the amniotic cavity. Drink lots of liquids. your baby is now swallowing and absorbing fluids. By now, early fingernails are developing. Your baby’s vocal cords have formed in the voice box and the heart is completely developed.

Advice for Mom

Do your Kegels!! They will help with childbirth and after.

If Morning Sickness hasn’t settled already, it may this week. Try eating small frequent meals consisting of whole grains, fruits and vegetables to help with any symptoms you have. If you’re lucky, you will not experience morning sickness at all!

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