Pregnancy Week 24

It is now 23 weeks from your last menstrual period. Your baby is now at 21 weeks gestation and is almost 8 inches long from crown to rump (11inches from head to toe).

Your baby is taking iron and calcium from you. Make sure you are getting enough! Your baby can hear your heartbeat and the rumblings in your tummy now.

Chomp! The buds for baby’s permanent teeth are forming.

Advice for Mom

Although it will be a while before your baby is mobile, it’s not too early to think about child-proofing your home.

Worried about labor and childbirth? That’s very normal! If you prepare your mind and your body now, you should be able to reduce your anxiety some. Prenatal classes are wonderful, as is reading about labour & delivery.

Don’t hold it in! Did you know that making a habit out of not urinating when you feel the need increases the risk that your enflamed bladder may irritate the uterus and set off contractions?

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