Pregnancy Week 26

It is now 25 weeks from your last menstrual period. Your baby is now at 23 weeks gestation and is almost 8 3/4 inches long from crown to rump (11 3/4 inches from head to toe).

Sudden noises may cause your baby to startle — responses have been reported when baby hears a loud noise.

Your baby’s bowel now contains some meconium, a dark green tar-like substance that will be excreted during the first few days after birth.

Advice for Mom

Your uterus should measure about 9 1/2 – 10 inches and be about 3 finger-breadths above your belly button. The linea nigra is a black line that might appear from your pubic bone to navel. This is normal and will lighten about 3 months postpartum.

While most women dread stretch marks, you should be proud of them! They’re like a badge of honour and are symbolic of your baby’s road map to life.

To avoid varicose veins, some women try a support, maternity hose and/or frequent walks to increase circulation.

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