Pregnancy Week 31

It is now 30 weeks from your last menstrual period. Your baby is now at 28 weeks gestation and is almost 10 3/4 inches long from crown to rump (14 inches from head to toe) and weighs about 3 pounds.

Your baby’s fingernails have now grown out to the tips of the fingers. Most babies need their nails trimmed soon after birth. While some moms use baby nail trimmers, other moms prefer to bite off their baby’s nails.

By using their hands on your belly, your doctor will likely be able to pinpoint the location of your baby’s head, back, and buttocks for you. Ask about this at your next visit.

Your baby’s skin is slightly wrinkled and the eyes are wide open now.

Advice for Mom

Vaginal itching may be a sign of a yeast or other infection. Discuss any symptoms with your doctor as soon as possible. Do not administer any medications without first talking to your doctor.

Absentminded? You are definitely not alone! It’s just one of those normal occurrences in pregnancy.

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