Pregnancy Week 37

You are staring Lunar Month 10! It is now 36 weeks from your last menstrual period. Your baby is now at 34 weeks gestation and is almost 12 1/2 inches long from crown to rump (17 1/2 inches from head to toe) and weighs about 5 pounds, 9 ounces. This month marks the most rapid weight gain for your baby — about 1/2 – 3/4 lb. per week.

Advice for Mom

You will probably be scheduled for weekly visits to your doctor as your baby’s arrival is not too far off now!

Be sure to report any symptoms of pre-eclampsia to your doctor — excessive water retention, headaches, visual disturbance, or abdominal pain. Be sure to discuss labor and delivery options/routines with your doctor. Issues could include IVs, fetal monitoring, positions, episiotomy, drugs, shaves, and enemas.

Your uterus has grown from about 3 inches to about 12 inches in diameter to hold your baby. Your doctor may perform more frequent cervical checks, although labor is hard to predict. Cervical thinning (effacement), softening and some early dilatation may be occurring .

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