Pregnancy Week 4

The cells making up the ovum are beginning to differentiate and specialize in areas of development. Some cells will make up the embryo; others the amniotic sac and placenta etc. The ovum, which has been floating around in your uterus, will implant into the wall of the uterus. Now comes an exciting time of rapid growth! The amniotic sac, amniotic cavity and yolk sac are developing. The placenta is beginning to form now too.

Advice for Mom
Many women do not experience any symptoms this early. But you may start experiencing some early symptoms of pregnancy such as:

  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Frequent Urination
  • Nausea vomiting – Morning Sickness
  • Heartburn Indigestion Flatulence bloating
  • Craving and aversions to certain foods
  • Breast tenderness soreness, and enlargement the areola (pigmented area that surrounds the nipple) will darken

If you are feeling weepy, irrational or have mood swings, take heart — this is perfectly normal!

A home pregnancy test may show positive, but you may want to wait a few days for more accurate results. Some women will wrap a positive test result up as a gift to their partner!

Morning sickness could set in anytime now: you might not know you’re pregnant yet, but your body sure does! To ease the symptoms of this common problem, remember to:

  • Keep crackers, hard candy, or other bland food in your purse for frequent snacking, which may help settle your stomach
  • Avoid nausea-triggering odors.
  • Eat smaller meals and eat frequently throughout the day. An empty stomach often triggers nausea
  • Take your prenatal vitamins with food or before going to bed, rather than in the morning or on an empty stomach when nausea may be worse

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