Pregnancy Week 8

This week, your baby is at 5 weeks gestation and measures about 1/3 inch. An ultrasound can usually detect a fetal heartbeat around this time. If you have an ultrasound scheduled, you may want to ask about pictures or a video tape of it!

Your baby’s oral and nasal cavities are forming, the cerebellum and spleen begin to develop and the baby’s facial features are becoming more defined. If you are going for an ultrasound around now, you should get a good view of the baby’s profile!

Your baby’s head to rump is now approximately 9mm. Although all the major organs have formed, they are not fully developed. Your baby’s upper lip is likely formed. Also, the upper limbs bend at elbow and what will be the baby’s fingers are developing.

Advice for Mom

Make sure you are eating properly and getting lots of rest — helping that baby grow is hard work!

Medications (even vitamins or herbal medications & teas) can be harmful. Please check with your doctor before taking anything.

Some cramping can be normal throughout pregnancy as the uterus contacts and enlarges. But please check with your doctor if it becomes painful or severe.

Your hormones may cause moodiness, and you may be noticing changes in your breasts about now.

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