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Hot Holiday Drink Recipes

After a night out caroling with friends and/or relatives, invite everyone back to your house to help trim your Christmas ...
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Father’s Day Barbecue Ideas

Father’s day is coming up and many women and kids are wondering just how to make the day special for ...
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St. Patrick’s Day Drinks for the Family

Green beer is a favorite of many on St. Patrick’s Day. There are also a lot of fun non-alcoholic beverages ...
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Beet Recipes for Beet Lovers (or even the haters!)

Love beets, but don't know quick ways to cook them? Check out these quick beet recipe ideas. Beets are a ...
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Salmon and Sun-dried Tomatoes

Salmon and Sun Dried Tomatoes 2 lbs (1 kg) skinless salmon fillet ¾ cup (175 ml) sun dried tomato salad ...
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Balsamic Honey Salmon

Balsamic Honey Drizzled Salmon 2 lbs (1kg) skinless salmon fillets ½ cup (125 ml) Balsamic Vinegar 2½ tbs (40 ml) ...
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Cedar Plank Salmon

One of the most delicious (and easy!) methods of grilling meat on a barbeque involves the use of wooden planks ...
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Grilled Caesar Salad and Beer Ribs

Grilled Caesar Salad When I first tried grilled caesar salad, I wasn't sure what to expect -- I couldn't imagine ...
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lemon loaf

Easy Lemon and Banana Loaf Recipes

There is something special about a fresh out of the oven loaf – enjoy them right away, or save them ...
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Easy Easter dinner side dishes for busy moms

Who wants to spend all day in the kitchen at Easter? I often cook a big turkey dinner, so I ...
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Ham Ball Recipe

These are so easy and delicious! They are a favourite at our family Christmas Eve parties, but are good for ...
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Easy Holiday Dip Recipes

For busy people who need to bring a dish for the next holiday party. The Christmas season is often a busy ...
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Holiday Mocktail Recipes

What if your party includes children, people who just prefer to not drink alcohol, and designated drivers? With holiday celebrations ...
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Once a Month Cooking – The Turkey Plan

Turkey is a far more versatile meat than most of us think. Many people relegate it to holidays and "leftovers", ...
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Holiday Leftover Ideas

The holidays are a time for friends, family, and good, old-fashioned home cooking. Who can resist the tempting smells coming ...
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Easy Does It Christmas Food

Since both my husband and I have family to see at Christmas time, we spend time with his family at ...
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