Thinking outside the Christmas Gift Box

Making a list… Checking it twice…?

This is the time of year when we find ourselves chewing on the pencil, because some people are “just so hard to buy for!” Sometimes buying a gift is not the answer, either because the loved one is materially blessed and does not need any more “dust catchers”, or their needs in time and thoughtfulness are much greater!

Here are some ideas that can fill those gaps:

For the professional couple with little time for themselves: Make a batch of Hot-Buttered-Rum* mixture and give together with a small bottle of good quality, dark Rum. The mixture takes about 15 minutes to make and this will give the couple a delicious treat in front of the fireplace on cold winter nights.

For elderly relatives and friends: Elderly people often cannot drive after dark and miss out on such things as concerts, stage performances, etc. A nice gift would be tickets & transportation to the event.

For teenagers: Teenagers love a hang-out. Give teenagers and their buddies gift certificates to the same fast-food place, so they can meet, have a burger and “hang out”.
Don’t just think “winter” when puzzling what gifts to give. A gift certificate to the garden center, pool supply, etc. will be very much appreciated. Most gardeners find much more than they can afford.

For the young, working couple with children: Gift certificates for free baby-sitting is always appreciated for these families. Young couples need time to themselves, and most of the time cannot afford the expense of a night out and babysitter fees.

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