Unique Way to say I Love You on Valentines Day

Looking for something different this Valentines Day? Is the same old box of chocolates not going to cut it this year? Here are some ideas on how to show your love, devotion and creativity this February…

To Your Best Friend:

1.Pink Chenille slippers. They are the cutest things around- and so comfy, too!
2.Take a terra cotta pot and paint it white with Deco Art Patio Paint. Put some pretty, pink inpatients in the pot and tie a big, fuchsia bow around the lip of the pot- darling!
3.I am amazed at the number of small silver or cut glass dishes you can find at thrift stores. I buy those and place a bar of handmade soap in the dish. Tie the whole thing up with a red fabric ribbon. Only give this to your coolest friends who appreciate items that have a history.
4.My theory; purchase something small, yet spectacular. Buy the smallest box of Swiss chocolates and wrap it in a beautiful lace hankie. That is so much more memorable than a pound of plain old chocolates.
5.Put some Hershey Hugs and Kisses in a little bag and tie a note to the top that says, “Hugs and Kisses for you”.

To Your Kids:

1.After dinner, set a checkerboard out on your kitchen table. Instead of setting it up with checker pieces, use Hershey Kisses in silver and red.
2.On a red piece of paper, take twenty dimes and use rubber cement to glue them in the shape of a heart. Roll up the piece of paper and tie it with a big, white ribbon. Trust me, this is the best gift an eleven year old can receive for $2.
3.Buy a large heart paper punch at a stationary store. Place that in a box with red, pink and purple cardstock, envelopes, gel pens and a glue stick. Your child can make her own stationary.
4.Treasure boxes are a popular item in home decorating right now. You can purchase darling little boxes, with latches, for under $5. Fill one of these boxes with gold chocolate coins from See’s Candies. The box can be used to hold a child’s secret “treasures” after the coins are “spent”.

To Your True Love:

1.A diamond tennis bracelet. (In case my husband is reading this article….)
2.A small nosegay of flowers for each of your bedside tables.
3.A few months ago, my husband wrote a poem about me, just to me. If you are not as poetic, you can copy a poem to your true love in your own handwriting.
4.Buy two white pillowcases. Go a little crazy with the fabric paints and do hearts all over the two cases. Very sweet, very cute.
5.Pull the TV  into your bedroom and snuggle up while you watch a great movie. Makes sure you have plenty of appropriate snacks available! (This is the one time when crumbs in the sheets are acceptable!)

Have a wonderful, and creative Valentines Day.
Kathi is the editor of Home and Heart, an on-line e-zine dedicated to women who choose to improve the lives of themselves, as well as impacting those around them, through simplifying, goal setting and acting. To subscribe, send an email to homeandheart-subscribe@topica.com She is also a writer,whose work is found in Simple Times and The San Jose Mercury News, Glamor Puss, and many other on-line publications.

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