Valentines Day Fun For Kids

Share some family fun and get started on the projects listed below and have them ready in time for Valentines Day.

  • Help kids make their own Valentines using construction paper, lace, ribbons, sequins, buttons, glitter, glue and anything else they or you can think of to add on!
  • Cut a heart shape from a household sponge and sprinkle with wheat grass seeds and keep the sponge wet so the children will have a growing heart. They can even give the hearts “hair cuts!”
  • Make a decorate cookies or cupcakes. Use your favorite cake mix and icing and decorate with candy hearts, red hots, sprinkles and anything else you can think of.
  • Make a Valentine Box by decorating a shoe box with construction paper or wrapping paper and adding on lace, ribbons, paper cutouts, heart doilies and anything else in your craft pile.Kids can then put their Valentine cards in the box!
  • Use paints or food coloring to make Thumbprint Valentines by making two thumbprints into a heart shape and then add facial features . The child then can add the following – “Thumb Body Loves You!”
  • Play Cupid Chase by putting blindfolds on all but one (He will be Cupid) Tie a small bell to the childs shoe strings or on a string for a necklace.Then Cupid runs around the room anywhere while the blindfolded kids try to to catch him by listening for the bell.When Cupid is caught the catcher then becomes Cupid!

Have a Happy Valentines Day!
Angela Billings is a stay at home wife and mother who publishes an online newsletter Home and Family Ezine.

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