You Know It’s Christmas When…

  1. Your children miraculously start to be very well behaved.
  2. You start to hate the sound of Little Drummer Boy with a vengeance!
  3. The turkey has been in the oven 5 hours now and it’s STILL not cooked.
  4. Summer holiday adverts start to appear in TV.
  5. You start taking bets obsessively with all and sundry as to whether it’s going to snow on Christmas day. You even consider praying for it.
  6. You have just finished the 14 batch of mince pies
  7. You get your children’s presents from behind the wardrobe to find the paper has been torn off the corner of every one of them.
  8. You couldn’t eat another single mouthful of Christmas pudding if they paid you.
  9. Every meal between Christmas and New year contains turkey… turkey fritters, turkey curry, turkey stew, turkey sandwiches.
  10. You find although you have used 5 packs of Christmas cards….. you still need just one more card.
  11. You have been given 3 pairs of slippers which you know you will just never wear.
  12. At 11.59pm on Christmas day you sigh and sink exhausted into your favourite armchair and exclaim “Never again!”

Gail Miller, from the UK, is a freelance writer & author of Wild Child ~ A Mother, A Son & ADHD She also writes and publishes The ADD / ADHD Gazette – and Affiliates UK –

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