Nursing in Style

Many women are uncomfortable nursing in public. But today’s nursing fashions can help you nurse with confidence, comfort, and style — anytime, anywhere!

The basics
A good breastfeeding nightgown or pajamas will help you with those first days in the hospital or at home. Learning to breastfeed can be a challenge in itself; you don’t want to be struggling with your clothing too! You will also be glad for the convenience for those night feedings and those days when you just don’t get dressed (and yes, there will be some of those!)

Chances are you probably needed several different bra sizes throughout your pregnancy. And often even your best guess at your post-partum bra size was not quite right. No matter which type of bra you choose, a good fit is important. Your bra needs to provide adequate support while providing easy access to your breasts for feeding. Have fun with your nursing bras — there are so many options available!

Out and About
Every nursing mother should own at least two tops (or 1 top and 1 dress) to give her the ease of nursing access and overall comfort. A nursing tank top, even in cold months, is also a good basic as it can be worn under a sweater or other non-nursing garment. If you plan on nursing for a long period of time, treat yourself to a few more tops as time goes by (after all, you are saving a fortune by not buying baby formula!). Pair your top with your favorite jeans, dress slacks or skirt and you are all set! Most people won’t even know that you are wearing nursing clothing!

Some of the more popular access options include:
Crop Over Top – Dual Slits: The crop overtop lifts to gain breastfeeding access to two vertical slits on lower panel.
Dual Side Panels – Central Slits: Side panels open to gain breastfeeding access to one or two slits on the lower panel.
Vest Front – Dual Split Or Extended Arm Holes: Vest front lifts or opens to access breastfeeding opening (dual slits or extended armholes)
Central Pleat Dual Slits: Central pleat parts to gain breastfeeding access to slits on lower layer.
Wrap: The top wraps around the front.

One option is not necessarily better than the other; it’s just a matter of personal preference.

Enjoy your baby and the breastfeeding experience.

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